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Remembrance: Why Remember? 20 Reasons

In the season of Remembrance, it is often argued that Remembrance glorifies war and glamorises violence. Of course, all those who have had any acquaintance with military service knows this not to be the case. But still, people argue, why... Continue Reading →

The American Church on Election Day – May they be one, Father

I feel greatly for the vast multitude of pastors of American churches and congregations, most of them just small gatherings of believers, for whom being purpose-driven, seeker-friendly and growing like a veritable Lakewood are simply pipe dreams, and more than... Continue Reading →

The American Church must now speak to the American People about Donald Trump

Each week, I drive past Donald Trump's golf course just north of Aberdeen. I haven't yet turned off the road to explore what lies beyond the glamorous sign at the junction of Trump's International Golf Links and the main road... Continue Reading →

‘So that they may rule…’

Many of the years of my childhood were spent in Zimbabwe. My childhood was lived cheek by jowl with the flora and fauna of Africa, the flame lily and the baobab, the chameleon and the kudu. My introduction to the... Continue Reading →

Is Sunday School best for our children?

On Sunday, our morning service began, and the church's children were not with the adult congregation. That is usual. We hadn't lost them somewhere in transit. Honest. Instead, they were in Sunday School and Bible Class with their teachers and... Continue Reading →

A glass ceiling for the Reformed?

There hasn't been any blogging on this site for some time - I'll say something about that at some point soon - but the impulse is stirring once again and my attention has been caught by the current public process,... Continue Reading →

Kirk ministers and Roman Catholic bishops to ‘exchange’ roles and offices with one another

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is now just a couple of months away and a drip feed of likely proposals and plans will soon begin. Amongst the many obvious issues that will make it on to the... Continue Reading →

‘Moderator Designate withdraws from Church of Scotland’s annual gathering due to ill health’ – The Herald

The minister appointed to lead the Church of Scotland this year has withdrawn from the position due to ill health.Moderator-designate Reverend Angus Morrison said he has made the decision reluctantly as he undergoes medical treatment.A new appointment will be announced... Continue Reading →

The Russian invasion of Crimea

They are rare moments indeed, but every now and then an event or an incident of global proportions comes along that shatters the fantasy of everyday life and smashes the illusion that all is well with the human race, that... Continue Reading →

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