I’ve been dabbling in Twitter recently.  In case you think that that might be something dark, messy or downright dodgy, let me assure you that Twitter is a social networking thingy that invites you to say what you are doing at any given time of the day or night, and to say it in 140 characters or less.  There is a great post on the web that explains why Twitter might offer something positive for Christians and not turn out to be just another way for the Internet to rivet your bum to a chair in order to blog meaninglessly and narcissistically for hours on end.  Here is a snippet of that selfsame blog:

Twitter offers one way among many that we can compensate for these cultural flaws. While we need to acknowledge that a virtual, internet relationship is really no relationship at all, we also need to be honest and acknowledge what can be the real world benefit of knowing, for instance, that I’ve been thinking of doing some freelancing work, playing PS3 a LOT lately, and meditating on the vanity of life. This sort of knowledge makes the conversation a heck of a lot more meaningful and challenging when we come together on the weekend. By knowing what’s happening in one another’s lives, we know how to speak truth to one another, how to pray for one another, and how to serve one another.

You can read the whole piece here

You can find my Twitter here.  Save it in your favourites!

Why am I using Twitter?  5 brief reasons:

  1. I want people in my church to know what I am thinking and doing so that a sense of community is fostered and deepened between us, even if we cannot be together or speak face to face.
  2. I hope that those who read my Twitter will pause to pray for me, and bring my needs at any given moment to God, literally in real time!
  3. I would like to encourage people in my church, in particular, to begin to think about the same issues that are on my mind, as their church minister, so that we are all chewing over the same spiritual and church stuff in the light of God’s Spirit, and not just me!
  4. I want my ministry to be a transparent one, one in which people can see some of the things I am doing, including the things that might not generally be thought about, and my hope is that my flock will see that I am good value for their money
  5. I pray that some of the lessons of my ministry, and my ministry-thinking, will be instructional and useful for them, too.

If you want to try Twitter, go here and learn more.

Soli Deo Gloria