Ian Watson’s open letter to Ron Ferguson

Ian Watson, minister at Kirkmuirhill, has written an open letter to Ron Ferguson, journalist and Church of Scotland minister.  Here is how it starts:

Let’s start with the positive.  I am glad that you don’t detest evangelicals or our theology.  I didn’t know you used to be a conservative evangelical, and I am sorry that you are no longer one.  One thing I could never deny is that you are an effective communicator.  I am glad that you respect our position and I certainly acknowledge that in the past you have publicly pointed out the lack of an evangelical Moderator.  Our last “great hope” was Bill Wallace, who had been convenor of both Social Responsibility and Ministries in his time.  His nomination was deliberately scuppered by the last-minute appearance of Sheila Kesting on the list—our first female minister Mod.  And Ron, thank you for defending our right to free speech.  It’s good to know that the spirit of Voltaire lives on. 

You can read the rest here

Soli Deo Gloria

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